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Expertise in Establishing World- Class Operations

  • Manufacturing Expert

    Expertise in Electronics Industry: 29 Years of Global Experience in Various Functions and Technology Transfers

  • Operations Excellence

    Creating World-Class Operations: Green Field Project for EMS Manufacturing in Bangalore and End-to-End Delivery Operations for a Leading Drone Startup in Navi Mumbai

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Building Success through Expertise in Manufacturing and Operations: From 500 Cr+ EMS Organisation to Growing Start-ups.


My Offerings

How do I bring Value to your business ?

EMS Consulting

Connect with Me for Expert Guidance in Launching Your EMS Venture or growing Your Existing EMS Business.

Sourcing from India

Unlock the Potential of Outsourcing: Choose India for Cost-Effective and High-Quality Component Sourcing

Supply Chain Strategy

Let me help streamline your supply chain and elevate your organisation to new heights.

Career Journey

The journey has been delightful

• Consultant for OEMs and EMS companies, helping set up manufacturing operations in India.
• Director of Delivery Operations at Ideaforge Technology Pvt Ltd, a leading brand in Unmanned Aerial Systems in India, developing class-leading, Indigenous UAVs for surveillance, surveying and industrial applications. Responsible for setting up best-in-class manufacturing operations, high-performance delivery team, ERP implementation, and quality and reliability organization.
• Operations leader at Centum Electronics, a group that provides design, manufacturing, and after-sales support for high-end electronics products in various industries. Led manufacturing operations for a 50M$ business, scaling up production capacity and working with global customers delivering high reliable electronics assemblies and sub systems for defence, aerospace and high end industrial markets.

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  • +91 96866 83783


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